Wedding Photography – Planning Your Photographer Schedule

A quick read for brides to be: How to plan your photographer schedule on your wedding day

There is usually a lot to consider when planning on what time to have your wedding ceremony and what time to take pictures. The different time of the year determines when the sun sets as well as the amount of light present on the day. The location of your venue and the scenery available to you all play a big part in how your wedding photographs will come out.

If you have set your wedding day during winter, always consider that the sun sets earlier than in summer. Plan to have your wedding a little earlier to take advantage of the available light. If your wedding day is set for summer, always make sure that your venue has an alternative arrangement should the heavens decide to open :)

Should you set your wedding to start at 15h00 then this is how to consider working out your photographer schedule:

1. Wedding Photographer to start at 13h30
Photographer to take wedding reception detail shots. Your photographer will at least need to have 15 minutes to take detailed wedding reception shots. This is not always possible after the ceremony as your photographer will be busy with family photo’s and will be with you most of the time.

2. Bride preparation to start at 13h45
Your photographer will need at least an hour with you to shoot your dress details, jewellery shots as well as photo’s while your hair and makeup is being done.
If your wedding photography package includes two photographers this would be when the second photographer photographs the groom.

3. Ceremony to start at 15h00
During the ceremony, the photographer(s) will be taking ceremony photographs and will focus on the ceremony.

4. Family photo’s at 16h00 (This will depend on how long your ceremony takes)
Family photo’s take around 30 minutes depending on your family size. After family photo’s we will take photographs of the bridal party with the bride and groom. This takes around 25 minutes.

5. Bride and Groom photo’s at 16h55
This is where the photographer will require the bride and groom for their wedding portrait pictures. This shoot will take approximately 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

6. Reception to start at 18h00
During the reception the photographer will photograph key moments such as cutting of the cake, speeches, candid moments as well as the first dance, bouquet & garter toss.

Your photographer will end after all formalities are completed.
Hope this guide helps to assist you with your wedding planning!

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Written by: Alouise – Hay Kay Wedding Photography

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Dell Latitude E6520 Quick Review

Here is a quick review of the business king – the Latitude E6520 laptop from Dell.

The Latitude E6520 is a sturdy, very well built corporate laptop that will blend into any corporate environment and provides all the features required for a desktop replacement system. It is however pricey and heavy compared to its rivals. The laptop body is built with a sturdy magnesium alloy frame 15.6 inch screen, good performance, and comprehensive connectivity options.

Because of this, the E6520 is probably not the best choice for road warriors or other users who frequently carry their laptop around, but for executives who occasionally need to take their office system home or to another site, this works just fine.

Dell’s styling lends a professional appearance to the new systems, the bare metal of the magnesium alloy frame complemented by a black plastic trim and a black brushed aluminium lid picked out with a metallic Dell logo.

The E6520 itself certainly feels sturdy and well-built enough to stand up to years of use in a corporate environment, and Dell claims the casing has been tested to the US military’s MIL-STD 810G standard.

In specifications, the E6520 offers a choice of Core i3, i5 and i7 processors up to the i7-2720QM, a maximum of 8GB of memory and hard drive options up to 500GB.

Written By: Daniel Robinson

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Nikon D5100 Shoots its Own Ad (Article by

Article by

Nikon has unveiled that its latest DSLR commercial was shot entirely on a Nikon D5100. Award-winning cinematographer Matthew Libatique, who filmed the ‘Man of Action’ TV spot for the Nikon D5100 in Full HD, said: “The D5100 is a consumer camera that delivers excellent HD video quality. It was fun working with it on a commercial shoot and it delivered on giving the piece a new look.” In the USA, the D5100 campaign will air on the ABC and FOX networks. The commercial, starring Ashton Kutcher, can also be seen on a number of prime cable networks, including Bravo, Food Network, History Channel, National Geographic Channel and HGTV.

Nikon Pushes Into Primetime With Newest Ad Campaign Shot By Academy Award Nominated Cinematographer

“Man of Action” Spot Stars the Versatile Nikon D5100 D-SLR in Front of and Behind the Lens

MELVILLE, N.Y. (June 1, 2011) – Hollywood leading man, producer and social media champion Ashton Kutcher has once again provided his talents for the latest Nikon advertising campaign, set to begin running May 30, 2011 on U.S. television networks across the country. Kutcher stars in two new commercials for the Nikon D5100 D-SLR and the latest series of…. read more

Website: Ashton’s Videos (click on TV Campaign: D5100)

Is it Safe to purchase online?

This is a question that a lot of shoppers including first timers are faced with. Is it really safe to shop online with all the cyber crime that goes on.

One short answer to this question: It is safe. Provided that you shop on safe stores.

An example of safe stores are:,, &

Always make sure that the store directs you to a secure payment site ‘https’ that is verified by a payment authority.

Read reviews on the store to make sure that they have a good service history before you order from them.

Read terms of service to make sure that they will deliver in the required times.

Good luck shopping online!

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